Fremont Hills to Purchase Surplus Springfield Land

Fremont Hills Mayor claims Springfield land by placing a FHCC flag into ground

Fremont Hills Mayor claims Springfield land by placing a FHCC flag into ground

Springfield, MO—The City of Fremont Hills is looking to purchase surplus property from the City of Springfield. Springfield has surplus property that it is looking to discard in exchange for some much needed cash reserves to supplement the
Police-Fire Pension Fund.

Fremont Hills has placed sealed bids on the first group of properties for sale. “we plan to increase our tax base by annexing the Springfield properties,” said the Fremont Hills Treasurer.

Springfield Mayor Jim O’Neal said, “we had originally planned on these properties selling to citizens, not other towns looking to increase their territories. We’ll fight them on this one, once we have the money.”

One property has already been awarded to Fremont Hills where their mayor declared “I claim this land in the name of Fremont Hills ever expanding Empire” as he stuck a Fremont Hills golf flag into the dirt.

Fremont Hills plans to build multi-use condominiums on the plots and tax them in order to pay for improvements within their original community that lies just south of Springfield, between Ozark and Nixa. “There really isn’t a lot of room to grow for us, so we’ll do it parcel by parcel,” said local F-Hills native Joey Rimmerton. The additional tax revenue will allow Fremont Hills to make significant improvements to Fremont Hills Country Club greens, reduce member fees and improve the menu at in the men’s grille.

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