Government Official Confirms Alien Cover-Up In Missouri

Government officials photograph alien at Cape Girardeau crash site

Government officials photograph alien at Cape Girardeau crash site

Cape Girardeau, MO—Since 1941 government officials have successfully concealed an alien crash landing in the Ozarks. The activities and actions that spring night helped shape the response to the Roswell, NM cover-up six years later in 1947. “Really, we couldn’t have asked for a better ‘dress rehearsal’ than the crash cover-up in Southeast Missouri,” said retired FBI agent Harry Bellafonte, “Our experiences in Cape Girardeau set the stage, and wrote the book for how to conceal numerous alien encounters, including the Roswell incident.”

According to Bellafonte, hidden top-secret government files contain information on a disc-shaped craft—complete with hieroglyphic-like symbols on the interior—that smashed into the woods and contained three victims.  The extra-terrestrials, not human as expected, had small alien bodies with large eyes, hardly a mouth or ears, and appeared hairless. Additionally, Reverend William Huffman, resident minister of the Red Star Baptist Church in early 1941, was called upon to deliver the last rights to the deceased Greys.

“I’m just impressed that all of the policemen, fire department personnel, FBI agents, and photographers mulling through the wreckage were been able to keep their mouths shut for nearly 70 years,” pondered Bellafonte. “I always thought we did a great job intimidated and frightening witnessed. I was always paranoid that I would spill the beans, glad it wasn’t me!”

During this interview, Mr. Bellafonte was informed that he was in fact, the first government official to confirm the alien crash of 1941. Stunned, he vehemently denied his previous comments, claiming he was tricked, then consumed a vial of poison attached to his necklace, immediately passing into the afterlife. Government officials arrived immediately thereafter to remove his remains.

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  1. Shaun B. says:

    Yeah he still denies he was the source via the Ouija Board.