Wednesday Weather Chart = Trippy Forecast

Weather image featuring bad weather is groovy

Weather image featuring bad weather is groovy

Springfield, MO—A local newsman blew several viewers minds by showing a radar screen filled with psychedelic images symbolizing Wednesday’s weather patterns. Cries of “whoa”, “maaaaan” and “dude” were heard in living rooms across the Ozarks.

One viewer, Moonbeam Johnston said, “I saw like a beautiful unicorn soar across the sky during the weather report and the unicorn urinated on the clouds and caused snow to fall.”

Given today’s technological advances, many viewers were surprised at the understated approach to weather reporting. “I had no idea that they had access to this type of technology that makes high-tech look low-tech,” said Barry Howard. “Very forward thinking to go all retro with the precipitation illustration.”

Not all viewers were impressed, “I thought it was drawn by a 5 year-old or a drunk hobo,” said Louis Cavanagh. “No, it looked as if a damn hippy vomited a rainbow on the radar screen.”

Most viewers agreed that the groovy imagery provided a good vibe that made bad weather seem not so ominous. “I saw a pair of cool sunglasses bordered by the light of a prism and I felt okay with another round of icy, snow, cold-as-a-Spanish-dungeon kick in the sack from old man winter,” said Herb Grimes.

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