iPager Development at Jordan Valley Innovation Center

iPager rumored to feature text alerts, vibration and Mac logo

Springfield, MO— The Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC), a Missouri State University research center, has been tied to rumors of Apple’s newest project; development of the iPager. Rumors began swirling after the release of the iPad, and through a network of confidants, it is 99% accurate that the JVIC will have a hand in the new Macintosh product.

Sources close to the JVIC are denying involvement or even the existence of the iPager, however blog sites and social media have predicted the iPager will be the new product to be featured in Steve Jobs KeyNote speech at MacWorld in San Francisco, CA. Gizmodo.com is reporting that the recent failures of the iPhone 4 antennae is forcing Apple to get back to the “roots of communication”, specifically an Apple pager.

“Given that Apple has totally dominated the market of new media consumption it makes sense that they have no place left to go but backward in redefining technologies. We may see a revolution in classical digital entertainment,” said Peter Rojas, founder of Engadget.com and Gizmodo.

One prospective customer, John Miller, of Springfield, MO said, “I can’t wait to put the iPager on my belt! Plus I’m super pumped that it is going to be developed right here in the Ozarks. I just hope the JVIC workers can handle the pressure.” Recently, nets were placed around the building to catch would-be jumpers and employees of the JVIC were asked to sign no-suicide pledges.

Macrumors.com has message boards filled with Apple breathing new life into such ancient technologies renamed as iRecordPlayer, iLandLinePhone, and the iPaperMap. Until the official announcement comes in January 2011, Mac Fans will have to cling to speculation that the iPager will be unveiled and then available the following July. Most expect AT&T to be the sole network provider for the iPager, however Verizon continues to be included in the conversation.

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  1. Gillian Mowat says:

    The BC Renal Program is using a pager system for on call nurses and technicians.. We are not happy with the old fashioned pagers. I joked that maybe there will be an ipager in the future!! It looks like the future is closer than I thought!!