“Mom-Seat-Belt” Formed Across The Ozarks

Daughter practices mom-seat-belt on her mother

Springfield, MO – In a touching show of motherly support, thousands of people aged 2 to 92 extended their right arm across the person’s chest to the right of them, thereby forming the largest mom-seat-belt chain in the world. The mom-seat-belt stretched nearly 19 miles and ran from downtown Springfield to the square in Ozark, MO.

“I was so honored to take part in this celebration with my mother – a woman who has attempted to save my life with her forearm several times over the years while she was driving,” said Abica Keller, 47 of Nixa, Missouri, “If it hadn’t been for her arm when I was a child, I’m not sure I’d be here today.”

The mom-seat-belt was first officially recognized in the Ozarks during the spring of 1972 when Patricia Gowers forcefully applied her brakes at the intersection of National and Battlefield, sending her two young children hurtling towards the dash of her two-tone 1971 gran torino. “Back then, there were no laws stipulating where a child could sit or if we should even be using seat belts. At the time I just remember saying to myself I’ve got to stop these kids from face-planting,” recalled Gowers, now a grandmother to 5 young passengers.

Doctor Felix Hendrixson estimates that the mom-seat-belt has saved the lives of at least 4 people over the history of automobile usage and prevented many minor bumps and scrapes. “Usually, the maneuver is perfectly worthless and creates more tension to the elbow of the person attempting to provide protection. I’ve seen numerous cases of mothers who have hyper-extended their right elbow so many times that they lose any reflexive ability developing what we call mom-seat-belt elbow,” said Hendrixson.

While the debate continues over the protective properties of the mom-seat-belt, there is no denying that thousands of people respect and remember the maneuver fondly and took great joy today participating in the event to honor moms across the Ozarks.

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  1. Joltin says:

    My mother saved many lives. On the other hand, my father nearly poked my eye out more than once while he was driving. He loved to drive around slowly while quickly extending his arm in all directions to point out landmarks and places where landmarks used to be.

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