Inches and Inches of Snow Falls Here and There



Springfield, MO – Parts of Springfield received more snow than other parts Saturday night and Sunday — causing many officials to speculate that “inches and inches” accumulated. Other areas including Nixa, Ozark, Republic, Willard, Logan-Rogersville, Branson and Marshfield have also received snow, up to “a lot” in some places.

According to the National Weather Service in Springfield, snow has fallen on the city, with parts of the Ozarks receiving more. The weather service originally forecast a smidge to countable inches. “We’re really more focused on the beauty of the snow and will get around to measuring it soon,” said NWS official Dane Strotherford. Strong winds will likely blow snow around in circles, straight lines and into piles of varying depths.

Strotherford added, “If we took time to measure temperatures or wind chill values I would guess they would vary as well, but be pretty low.” As snow continues to fall, main roads may be covered by snow. Most side roads are covered in snow also.

Resident Timothy Riskgid said, “I’m really not sure how they would calculate how much snow has fallen in the area unless they had a stick with units of measurements marked on it…I’m not really that concerned with the amount.”

The weather service says there’s a chance for more or less snow, buckets or drops of freezing rain, and temperatures above or below freezing for parts of Wednesday. A significant possibility of differing amounts of snow is forecast through Friday.

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