MSU Opens Community Catbox

Crappin’ cats take court

Crappin’ cats take court

Springfield, MO – Though it will be used in the summer as a sand volleyball court, MSU athletic department officials  have come to an agreement with CCLS (Crazy Cat Ladies of Springfield), to utilize the new, enormous sand pit as a gathering place in the off season for both stray and kept cats in Central Springfield.

Myrtle Stokely, current president of CCLS, told Fair City News that they have simply been seeking equal rights for felines ever since the city opened a dog park on the south side several years ago. “Do cats not merit equal rights and opportunities with dogs?” asked Stokely. “Besides, whereas dogs are blatantly inconsiderate regarding where they ‘ download’, making, at best, a half-hearted effort to kick a few blades of grass onto their doodie with their hind feet, cats make every effort to be conscientious with their typically smaller deposits, taking great pains to cover them with an almost obsessive display of skill and accuracy.”
Gracious benefactors of the cat box/sand volleyball court, Betty and Bobby Tallison, were unavailable for a video interview, but did address Fair City News stating that “Long as they pooper-scoop the court before the season starts, we have no problemwith the feline-flatulence & turd collection. Both of us are pro-cats’ rights, dedicated to the proposition that cats need a place to meet, bond, hiss, mark off territory, and, when nature calls, relieve themselves,” the Tallison’s added, “We also support equal pay for cats.”

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