Nixa Hellhound Tracked to Camp Winoka

Paul the Nixa Hellhound captured on film at Camp Winoka

Paul the Nixa Hellhound captured on film at Camp Winoka

Springfield, MO—Paul the Nixa Hellhound has been seen bathing in the springs at Winoka Lodge, better known as Camp Winoka. The camp has been closed after rumors spread that several girl scouts were brutally murdered, however, conspiracy theorists claim the story was fabricated to protect the Nixa Hellhound habitat after it claimed the area as its home.

Winoka hunting lodge was founded around 1890 on the James River near the shores of Lake Springfield. After a fire destroyed the main building in the seventies, sightings of Paul the Nixa Hellhound have increased dramatically.

Louis Herman, a local bird watcher and nature enthusiast, snapped a photo of the infamous beast Friday morning as it was taking a dip in a nearby pool of water.

Herman attributes the sighting to the fact that “we had an especially prolific storm system come through last night that must have stirred it up.”  Every “supernatural” sighting of the mutated deer, hybrid fox/wolfman, or dog-ish lion have occurred within 18 hours of a major storm according to local paranormal experts.

Skeptics maintain that the “Booger Dog” has been on the endangered species list since its inception and that government officials are taking all necessary steps to protect this mystic animal that only appears once in a generation.

Paul the Nixa Hellhound has received revived regional attention from radio station Power 96.5 Morning Buzz personalities Fotsch & McClain who feature updates on sightings throughout their programming.

Friday’s sighting is the most convincing evidence collected to date.

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  1. Hey. I don’t read many blogs, but yours is of thefew I follow.Have a great day!

  2. CB says:

    Ummmm, those trees don’t look like anything from Missouri…And that isn’t black fur like the hellhound supposedly has…

  3. Evan says:

    Do you know who owns this property? I would like to talk to them about the paranormal activity that has been reported. I am with a non professional group of Paranormal researchers and we would like to enter the property with permission. This Hell hound sighting sounds interesting also.

    Thank you…

  4. says:

    Not sure who owns it. But good luck tracking the Hell Hound!

  5. Mike says:

    Looks like a stretched lion picture to me. I have heard many reports of sightings; I just believe that picture is bull.