Pole Dance Workout Offered at Pony Club


Moms signing up for pole dance workout at The Pony

Springfield, MO—The Pony Club, a local gentlemen’s club, is offering pole-dancing workouts during the day in an attempt to reach a new crowd of local health-seeking patrons. The classes will be offered during the club’s off hours, at 8, 9 and 10 am Monday through Friday.

“We thought we could capitalize on our empty stages and create a new revenue stream at the same time. Plus we are helping people shed some unwanted pounds,” said one club representative, Danny Shakers.

One unique aspect to the pole dance workout is that sessions will be open to the public. “Yes, people are encouraged to attend the pole dance workout and tip the exercisers, and we’ll have tubs of Jello on hand in case our class participants want to try and swim though it. It is very hard to swim though a gelatinous material, which provides a good cardiovascular workout,” said Shakers.

Regular dancers at the club will serve as instructors and will provide direction on a combination of stretching, strengthening, abdominal and cardio movements that firms, sculpts and tones the entire body to stripper music.

“We have a lot of time where our building goes unused, we think this is a great use of our facility plus it provides another workout option for moms who are seeking some adventures workouts,” said Shakers.

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  1. Mrs. J says:

    Hello. The classes look fun. Are you still
    offering them? How do I sign up?

  2. FairCityNews.com says:

    Mrs. J – this is a satire news site. If half the things we reported were true, the world would be a better place. Good luck in your search for a class.

  3. Dave says:

    Instead of converting old fire stations into loft apartments, they should be converted into exercise studios with the poles in place.