Uncle Si Cup Production Moved to SGF

Springfield, MO – The A&E hit show Duck Dynasty has touched the Ozarks in the form of a plastic cup facility, at the site of the former Solo Cup plant on North Glenstone Ave. Duck Dynasty is an American reality television series that portrays the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their […]

417 Launches Social Trash Contest

Springfield, MO – Inspired by similar recent Social Media competitions, Springfield City Council this week launched its ’417Trash’ initiative which plans to keep swarms of young people staring at their phones while collecting trash late into the night. The rules are simple: The city of Springfield, using its @417Trash Twitter account, releases a series of […]

Branson’s “Number Ones” Raided

Branson, MO - Fourteen Branson theaters learned that the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Advertising Practices have been conducting an investigation into their advertising practices when they were raided by agents on Monday morning shutting down most matinees. While the federal investigators refuse to comment on the nature of the investigation, two theater owners requesting anonymity, […]

New Bills Limit Beehives in SGF

Springfield, MO – Members of the public will have the opportunity to comment on versions of two bills that would restrict beehives in public. The new bills would allow a variety of hives on heads with faces 10 inches long, but restrict hives on heads less than 5 inches in length. According to the new […]

Mike The Intern

Usually at this time of the year, I will write a list of songs that will get your patriotic side pumped, but this time I figured I would write a list of songs that talk about the stuff that makes our country great. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – George Thorogood Tons of booze. […]

Battlefield Mall Makes Way For “Diagon Alley: Springfield” Attraction

Springfield, MO – The City of Springfield has agreed to remove portions of the Battlefield Mall to create an attraction that will be known as “Diagon Alley: Springfield”. Diagon Alley is a fictional street in the Harry Potter novels where Harry and his friends shop to obtain school supplies. Because of the large number of […]

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    Smoke Shop Goes Up In Smoke

    Springfield, MO – Firefighters in Springfield smoked out a blaze that broke out at a discount smoke shop in a strip mall on Battlefield west of Scenic. “Smoke was coming out of the Smoke Shop”, said Smokey Ronnie of Southwest Springfield. Battlefield Deputy Fire Chief Mick Smores says it was someone in the store next […]

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    Snake Oil – July

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    Mountain Lion Retires to Creekside at Elfindale

    Springfield, MO – A mountain lion sighting was reported near the Creekside at Elfindale Retirement Community last week where it is believed it was looking for a place to retire. Having made its way up Fassnight Creek that runs through the property the mountain lion was allegedly scouting the property for to research the complete […]

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    Underground Beer Railroad Discovered

    Springfield, MO – Excavators struck an underground room last week and happened upon a discovery of a lifetime, the original location of the underground beer railroad.  Though they are unsure of the original construction date, records indicate that it was used to distribute beer to Chicago during Prohibition. Near the end of the Roaring Twenties, […]

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    Arms Race in Christian County

    NIXA, MO – Nixa law enforcement has stepped up its game by acquiring a former military vehicle designed to resist mine explosions and ambushes.  The second Christian County law enforcement group to do so, said Ozark was their inspiration. “The vehicle can best be described as a massive hulk of a vehicle,” said Lt. Buff Nicholson, […]

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    Turn Signal Fines Potential Revenue Source

    Springfield, MO – Springfield officials have been observing developments in Colorado since marijuana was legalized there last year.  City Manager Colin Blink says that “the city has watched both Colorado’s decreased costs, now that it no longer has drug laws to enforce, and has watched even closer the revenue raised in Colorado by the taxation […]

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    US World Cup Fans Ready For Misunderstanding

    Springfield, MO – Thousands of US soccer fans are prepared to endure questionable stares, headshakes and dismissals during the largest sporting event on the planet as the FIFA World Cup begins today. Millions of US citizens will admittedly profuse ignorance on the subject while simultaneously claiming to be the biggest sports fans in the world. […]

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    Swarm Removal Company Tables Beekeeping Bills

    Springfield, MO – A swarm removal company was called to the Springfield City Council meeting on Monday night to remove and table two bills that would allow urban beekeeping. Council voted 7-2 for contacting Bee’s Knees Swarm Removal of Bolivar as they have specialized procedures and a great deal of expertise and skill removing unwanted […]

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    Mike the Intern Breaks it Down

    Finally, Summer is here and hopefully we can enjoy it enough before it gets so damn hot and humid I would rather sit inside and beg for snow all over again. Until that time comes here is a list of songs to help you start that playlist whether you are on the lake, on the […]

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